How to become a better Insurance Agent?

I wanted to write this article for a really long time now! Out of all the things I like in this world, selling is definitely one of the best! I have sold a lot of things for different people in my life! Be it furniture, software etc. But when it comes to insurance, it is something different! 

Why is that? 

First of all, I would like to say that whenever you’re selling something, think about it as a customer! Not a seller!

Talking about stuff like furniture or software, furniture is something your customers can touch or feel! It is something that they can experience physically! Now talking about software, people do try out a trial version before they buy a full version of it! They do experience it as well! 

But when it comes to insurance, it’s not something that they can experience in any way! It is something that they will require when they need it the most They will require their health insurance when they are suffering from a serious disease or accident! They would need their auto insurance when their car is damaged! 

So, you see people do rely on their insurances a lot! And it’s just cause of this reason they pay those expensive premiums for a mere promise! 

Selling insurance is not something in which every salesman can make a fortune in! Many do try cause they see the gold in it! Not the work and skills required for the job! 

But, how do you become a better insurance agent? What are those tips and tricks which will help you excel in this job and give you a winning edge over other agents? 

How to become a better Insurance Agent?

Developing a better Personality!

Any salesman should definitely have a strong personality! And it’s not something which is god gifted or something which can’t be developed! You just need to work on it! So, what are the qualities of a strong personality?

Insurance agent1) Dressing Professionally

Your dressing sense or the way you carry yourself improves the trust a person has on you! Especially when you’re selling something like insurance where the trust your customer has on you is everything you can hold on to. Now by dressing professionally, I don’t mean suit and tie! 

Dressing Professionally is wearing a simple shirt and pants and looking decent! Basically a combination of looking comfortable and decent! 

2) Your Energy Level

If you need to get better in selling get your energy levels up! Don’t look tired or irritated! None of that! The energy you exert while talking with the client would be evident from the side of your customer as well! Your spirits have the power to uplift a depressed client and even depress an already jolly one.  

3) Honesty

I say this to all salesmen who ask me for tips! Be Honest with your client! Doesn’t matter if your insurance doesn’t cover the service he/she requires, but you have to be honest about it! If you are dishonest right now, you may close the sale, but in future, you may lose a huge number of potential clients, lose your job from the company and even get behind bars in worst case scenarios! So, I will repeat it again! Be Honest!

As Jordan Belfort said in one of his interviews, if you are selling a pen, find someone who needs a pen! Similarly, find someone who needs the services your company provides rather than wasting time with someone who doesn’t! 

4) Persistent Nature

Success doesn’t come easily in life! Especially if you’re a salesman! To be a good salesman, you need to learn from your mistakes and use those lessons with your next deal. Don’t alter the way you speak with clients or the way you present yourself just because you couldn’t crack one deal! Maybe that person just wasn’t interested! 

Failure is common to a salesman, but that failure helps him to the road of success. Every unsuccessful deal takes you closer to conversion. Keep telling yourself that! 

“The first impression is the last impression.” 

Remember that? 

When selling insurance for a company you are the face of that company! You are presenting the company at that moment and the way you present yourself, unconsciously the customer would build an image of the company in the same light. So think about that while presenting yourself! 

Some General Tips

Keep these tips in your mind during your deals and you will see these improve your conversions to a huge extent!

5) Talk about their loved ones

While selling and talking your way through the customer with your product, talk about what they really love! That can be their kids, their dog, their cat or any other such thing. As a salesman, I did realize very early that people love talking about their pets or kids! See the smile on their face when the conversation hits that part! 

Now, you don’t have to talk about it continuously! Just a question or a mention of it! And they take that conversation forward! If they don’t, you may try it again but just one more time! Also, you can tell by their facial expressions, if they seemed interested or they just ignored it! Whatever you do, just don’t overdo it! You’re here to sell insurance! Don’t forget that! 

6) Finding that Common Ground

Every person in this world has something or the other in common, maybe their city, their favorite soccer team, their favorite restaurant, etc. Your job is to find it! And play around it! As you see, my previous point is also similar! The main thing is, that you have to just connect with your customer in whichever way you can! That connection would help you a lot with the conversion! 

7) Don’t use Jargon!

With Jargon, you may sound cooler or you may sound that you know this stuff, but you may not crack the deal! Unless your customer is someone who gets impressed by jargon! Which I am pretty sure that most sensible people don’t. I will repeat this again, you won’t win the trust of the customer and won’t crack the deal until your customer is able to relate to you!

These little things count when distinguishing between an insurance agent and a better insurance agent! 

8) Avoid Slangs

Don’t use slang! Slangs make you sound unprofessional! Now, they may work if your prospect is someone who likes using them himself. In that case, again, it will help you to connect with him. But, in other cases, say while cracking a deal with older people, don’t use terms like Gotcha! For Sure! They won’t approve of it! 


These are skills which need to be developed and which you will on your course of becoming a better insurance agent. You won’t develop these skills overnight, but keeping in mind of these skills and trying to improve them constantly, would help you become a better insurance agent far quicker than you can imagine.

9) Emotional Intelligence

This includes a variety of things.

First of all, you must learn to understand how much your prospect is into the product or service you’re talking about.

You should be able to understand what your client wants or how his/her financial condition is without him/her talking about it.

You must be able to view the product through his eyes and understand the difficulties he must be facing. Until you understand the problem, you would never be able to provide a solution! 

10) Knowledge

Our ancestors said, Knowledge is Power. How right that is! 

There are two kinds of knowledge I am talking about here. 

One, knowledge of your products and second, some technical knowledge as to how things work in the insurance world. 

Knowledge of your Products: You should always have a variety of coverages or policies in mind which you can present after understanding the needs of your client! Don’t just move around with one policy for auto insurance, one for life insurance etc. Your prospect would lose his interest if you have to open your book after every statement he makes. Don’t do that! 

Technical Knowledge: To become a better insurance agent, you must know much more than to sell a policy. You should know the legal formalities linked to your policies like taxes! Make sure that your client doesn’t have any problem related to it later and the policy fits right into his budget and financial plan! 

That being said, how do you like these tips that will help you on your way to becoming a better insurance agent?

Remember, there are no rules or stone laid foundations that you must follow for every client!

In the end, a salesman has to improvise and no guide or help book can help him while he is trying to crack the deal!

But, just remember these tips and try to apply them when you can! Your conversions would improve dramatically! 

Good Luck! 

How to become a better Insurance Agent?
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