Networking Tips for Insurance Agents

In our world of fast communication, it is important for a networker to build meaningful relationships not only to sell insurance policies but also to build a foundation of a trust factor to get a recurring sale of policies. The human touch is lost as people deal only on a transactional basis! So, if an insurance agent wants a recurring sale of policies, he should have that human touch required for networking. Networking is the art of connecting with people globally of different backgrounds and to create a bond with them. Insurance agents connect their personal networks and professional networks to form new networks which help them create their own market.

So, how to get better at networking? What insights must you have to get better at networking?

1)Whom to target

The connections for an insurance agent can begin from anywhere! Be it his school, university, society, etc. You have to just look for people around you! Just realize, that getting frank and selling things to people who you already know is easier than selling things to people you don’t know! See, for selling a trust factor is important! As I mentioned in my article, How to become a better insurance Agent, trust is one of the most important things while selling insurance! But, when you’re already in some sort of relationship with someone, the trust factor does exist to an extent! Which makes conversion easier! 

2)Quality over quantity

It takes time to establish a good network! Insurance agents must keep in mind that they should not focus on the quantity of the people they come in contact with but the focus should be more on building quality relationships with them. How true is a statement that? If you focus on the number of people you are in contact with rather than quality, you will suffer! Now, how exactly will you?

If you focus more on the number of people you are in contact with, rather than how close you are with them, or how much they trust you, there is no use of that contact! These contacts would get known around you, but no one would be able to connect with you! Now, I am not saying you don’t focus on quantity! No, not at all! What I am saying is, don’t focus on quantity at the expense of quality.

3)Increasing your knowledge

An insurance agent should have information about its insurance policies! You shouldn’t have the need to open a book or read the features or the information of the insurance policy you are selling. Now, how does this help in networking? Knowledge about the product you’re selling improves the trust a customer has on you! He can count on you when you say, “Ma’am, I know this product! This is the one you’re looking for!” Now, imagine a guy, checking the features of policies the entire time, and saying the same. Would be hysterical! Right?

With a knowledge of various insurance companies and insurance policies, the customer would be able to rely on you for insurance! And you would be their ‘Insurance guy’.  If I say, you shouldn’t read about the policy you’re selling while selling insurance, doesn’t mean you can’t have a gaze upon it! By no means add an extra feature while describing your policy, which doesn’t actually exist!  Conveying wrong information to the customer is worse than checking your policy while selling! SO, WHEN IN DOUBT, ALWAYS CHECK!

4)Spending informal time with your network

Insurance agents must engage in informal conversations with the people to create a good bond with the people. You must give reasons to people to why choose you to buy insurance policies if there are so many other agents out there. The only way you can do that is by building good relationships with people as they would only trust the person they know rather than a complete stranger who sells insurance policies.

Wish them on occasions like Christmas! Or just calling them once in a while to make sure their coverage is fine and if they need any other coverage! You understand what I am saying? Do that and it’ll help you! 

5)Setting your priorities and goals

For good networking, you as an insurance agent must set your own goals as to how many new connections you would make in one day. It should be on your priority to talk to people as much as you can and build new contacts daily if you want to be a successful insurance networker. Your focus should be on adding new connection everyday day through various mediums which can be online and offline.

6) General Talking? 

Make sure you don’t let people feel as if you are talking to them only to sell insurance, talk to them generally, build connections and get to know their need! Only then target them with policies which would be best for them. If you just start blabbering about your insurance coverages or policies with every second person you meet, soon you will lose credibility as a person. People are looking forward to connections, but not those who want to be connected just to sell something! 

7)Building your own list of USP’s

It is very important to have your own USP! But, what is USP? USP means, Unique Selling Proposition! What is it that you and your company have which the other companies don’t! If I am using State Farm Insurance and I am their loyal customer, what USP does Progressive Insurance have to make me switch to their company? Having a USP is very important! Not only insurance but any company! You can’t create a me-too product and expect your pockets to be full of cash! Think about it deeply!  This is important!

8)The importance of networking

You very well understand as of now, how important networking is for you! But, building a great network is a much smaller thing than maintaining one. So, how do you maintain a business network? Simple! Greet them at various festivals, follow up with them to ask if they are happy with the coverage and if it’s helping them with their needs! It’s very similar to how you maintain friends, but formally! 

So, how did you like these tips for networking for insurance agents? Do you have any more questions?

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Networking Tips for Insurance Agents

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