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 So, Pekin Insurance time now. What is this Pekin Insurance? Well, its just another insurance company which started off in 1921, 97 years ago. Pekin Insurance has grown a lot since then and is one of the preferred choices for many people in the United States. But, before we move any further with this, let's know more about this company first, and how it started.  

About Pekin Insurance

Pekin Insurance was established on April 1, 1921, when a group of farmers formed an organization to establish an auto insurance service within their financial reach. Pekin has covered a long way since then an now offers insurances for Automobiles, Homes, Life, Health and Business. The company promises to help its customers with every situation they deal with. They promise them to help them build their dreams or even build their lives.

Pekin Insurance in these years has established itself as one of the nation's most thriving insurance providers. Today, Pekin stands tall with over $2 billion assets, a workforce of 800 people, 1500 insurance agencies, and 8500 agents working across.

Well, that's a lot of resources! But, is it able to efficiently utilize its resources and fulfill the needs of its customers? 

Pekin Insurance Reviews

When it comes to reviews of its services online, the company is in a state no other insurance company would wanna be in. The internet was full of negative reviews for the company and if Pekin wants to stand up to the competition, it better work on its customer relations.

Although I do understand that, that usually the people who review are, either frustrated with the negative behavior of a company or are overjoyed with its positive services. But, in case of Pekin Insurance, I'll share a few examples from some famous review websites to prove my point. 

Pekin insurance negative

This review on BBB is a customer which is frustrated by the service the company provides. There are many more like this one on BBB.

Even on Yelp,

Pekin Insurance Negative

There are a few good ones too! Like this one below,

Pekin Insurance positive

But, these are just much fewer than the negative ones. So, if you are planning to buy Pekin Insurance, I would suggest you look up other options as well! The first thing an Insurance Company should provide its customers is its trust, without which that bond can never exist. And, trust can only be provided when the new customers being treated well.

So, have you ever bought an Insurance from Pekin Insurance? How was your experience with it? Give us a feedback in the comments section below!

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