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Pronto Insurance an insurance company which originated in 1997 in the south of Texas, is now a company providing its various insurance services in California and Texas. Over the years, Pronto Insurance has added various products to its products line. Now, Pronto Insurance deals in Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and a variety of other additional products. The company strives to provide insurance services at a competitive price for US Hispanic customers.

Therefore, Pronto Insurance can be referred to as an insurance company specifically targeting its Hispanic customers of United States. Especially considering it's 'Mexico Insurance', it can be a viable option for the Spanish speaking people of the United States.

Pronto Insurance through its outlets in Texas and California offers the following products and services:


Homeowners Insurance -

Homeowners Package by Pronto Insurance provides various features as mentioned on their website. Except for just mentioning the features, they have what's not covered and also how to purchase a homeowners insurance from Pronto Insurance.

The Homeowners Insurance offered by Pronto Insurance includes:

  • $600k protection for your home
  • 40% of personal property contents
  • 10%-20% (of Dwelling Value) for Coverage
  • $25 - $500k of personal liability
  • $10k in Medical Payments

Pronto Insurance offers protection against Fire, Lightning, Vandalism, Riots, Windstorm, Hurricanes, Hail, Theft etc.

In addition to this, Pronto Insurance offers additional coverages to Homeowners Insurance:

  • Hurricane, Hail and Wind Coverage
  • Replacement Cost of Dwelling
  • Residential Glass
  • Dog / Animal Liability
  • Optional Enhanced Coverage

Auto Insurance -

Pronto Insurance provides Auto Insurance policies available for various months. It offers 3 kinds of packages for Auto Insurance. These packages are Essential Package, Comprehensive Package, and Alternative Package.

Essential Package includes all the basic information that would be required by an average customer using a vehicle.

Its features include:

  • $30k protection on bodily injury for one person per accident.
  • $60k protection on bodily injury for all persons per accident.
  • $25k protection of property damage per accident.

Along with this, it has additional coverages available:

  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance (available for 6-month policies)

Mexico Insurance -

Mexico Insurance is again for the Hispanic customers of the United States. It has two types of Mexico Insurances, one is Northbound and the other is Southbound. The Insurance would cover the liabilities of any accidents or damage to the vehicle on your visit to Mexico. Northbound Policy is the coverage you'll buy while going from Mexico to USA. Whereas, the Southbound Policy covers the liabilities you may face while going from the USA to Mexico.

So, it is great for someone who may have to visit Mexico and is afraid of the valuables he/she is carrying along. So you can get the same insured, so you are assured of your belongings and rather than worrying about it, Enjoy the trip!

Commercial Insurance -

This insurance is for businessmen or contractors who have heavy commercial vehicles. This insurance can get those vehicles insured and make sure that the business doesn't face any liabilities. It takes care of many important liabilities of a business like Worker's compensation, protecting the commercial property from unforeseen risks etc. Overall its a good package for someone who is related to businesses where there is always a huge risk of the workers or people around getting hurt by some or the other means. For example, someone who is owning a factory producing chemicals. But, the same insurance won't be as effective for someone owning a bookstore.

Additional Products -

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Watercraft Insurance

Pronto Insurance Quotes

Pronto Insurance, although being a small scale company, offers online quotes and payment system, unlike other smaller companies. Just enter your details as the form asks you to fill and proceed further through the steps. Along with this, it offers special discounts like 25% off on Multi - Car policies etc. These discounts help to reduce the rates at which the company offers its quotes. The discounts and the reduction in prices of the quotes, help the customer by choosing the same policy at a much lower cost.

Consumer Complaints

Pronto Insurance has received a rating of D- by BBB (Better Business Bureau)! That's one of the lowest ratings I have seen an insurance company receive. On better business bureau, Pronto Insurance has received 15 total consumer complaints, 9 out of which have been closed in the past 12 months. Except for this, the company has a composite score of 1.27 out of 5. All these factors indicate that Pronto Insurance lacks in serving its customers properly. The company should concentrate on providing a few products effectively to customers rather than trying to provide all of them at the same time.

Finance Rating

Serial No. Company Rating
1. Weiss Ratings N/A
2. Fitch Ratings N/A
3. AM Best N/A
4. S & P Global N/A


Pronto Insurance, a company created mainly for the Hispanic customers of USA, has a low rating in all aspects. The services they provide, the quality of their services needs to improve if they wish to survive as an insurance company in the long run. Except for this, if you plan to buy a coverage from Pronto Insurance, do make sure that you are well aware of everything. The company can be a last resort for people with high premiums with other companies or other reasons. As the company progresses with time, the company can be a great coverage provider for Hispanic customers of Texas and Florida. But,  until then, they need to find an alternative. 

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